First full-scale wing will be installed at Swedish shipyard

May 5, 2023

By the end of 2023, project partner Oceanbird will start to assembly the land-based prototype at the Swedish shipyard Oresund DryDocks. It will be a full-scale, 40-meter-high wing sail placed by the Swedish coastline in Landskrona.

Oceanbird´s first full-scale wing sail, a prototype of Oceanbird Wing 560, will be assembled on land at the Swedish shipyard Oresund DryDocks in Landskrona by the fall of 2023. The purpose is, among other things, to test functionality, crew training and develop the automation of the wing sails.

“Oceanbird has done extensive computer simulations and model tests, but now we get to test our design for real for the first time. We chose Oresund Drydocks to benefit from their shipyard experience and the coastal location. Additionally, all the practical necessities are there”, says Jonas Alván, Senior Product Manager at Oceanbird.

Jonas Alván, Oceanbird

The parts for two wing sails will be delivered to the yard after the summer. After the first wing sail is completed at the shipyard, Oceanbird will install the second wing on an existing vessel in mid-2024 as a part of the EU-funded project.


Oresund DryDocks AB is Sweden’s largest repair yard and dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. On Varvsudden in Landskrona, Oresund Drydocks has built a maritime center to support shipping in Öresund. The yard has one of Scandinavia’s largest dry docks, a floating dock, quays with a crane capacity of up to 180 tonnes and workshops for repairs and steel production.

The area is owned by Niam, which has a strong focus on sustainable property development in Scandinavia.